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eMagPro Customized

a Customized eMagazine

Content Marketing eMagPro Method

A Customized eMagazine

Your Customized eMagazine . . .

Solve 1 Specific Problem

Each eMagazine is designed to solve one specific client or patient problem, leaving them better off than before they read it.

eMagPro’s customized eMagazine helps position your business or practice so that it maximizes the patient’s or client’s lifetime value (LTV).

We all know that it’s much more expensive to acquire a new client or patient than it is to sell more to the one’s we already have. According to American Express, it’s actually 6 to 7 times more expensive.

Selling more to existing patients and clients isn’t as easy as it sounds, is it?

The eMagPro’s customized eMagazine is designed to do this on autopilot.

Your customized eMagazine solves one specific problem your customer or patient has. 

Here’s how:

1. You fix that one specific problem in short, 1 per page “steps”.

2. Your product or service is positioned as the “hero” that solves this problem as you’re walking the person through the “steps”.

3. You direct them to taking a specific action (booking an appointment or ordering a product for example).

4. You make sure it looks great so your audience actually reads it.

Key Points

Key Point 1: The key to your customized eMagazine is that it solves only one problem, and does it so well and so simply that the reader comes back to for help solving their other problems.

Key Point 2: Be okay not solving every problem the reader has, they’ll come back to you for that and that’s the whole point. If you solved every problem they have in eMagazines, there’d be no reason for them to come back to you.

How Does This Help You Generate More Revenue?

You place the eMagazine behind an opt-in barrier.

Why? You want someone truly “in pain” to jump through a few hurdles to get what’s inside.

Won’t this limit the prospects since not everyone will go through the hurdles? Yes! That’s exactly the point. You want the prospects who go through the hurdles. They’re the ones who really need your help.

The key to revenue with this system is your personal touch.

You offer these people an incentive as a reward for going through the hurdles, but your personal touch is what wins them over.

Customizing Your eMagazine . . .

Our 7 step custom created eMagazine process . . .

eMagPro eMagazine Topic

Step 1

Selecting eMagazine Topic

Your eMagazine issue solves one specific problem in a short, easy to follow, step-by-step format. This positions you as the “authority” the reader looks to as they go through each step. The eMagazine helps solve the reader’s problem while embedding a specific call-to-action (booking an appointment or selling a product for example). We work with you to select an eMagazine topic, a templated eMagazine, from our eMagPro library that best fits your business.

Step 2

Your Brand Assets

We collect your brand assets. Things like your logo, colors, photos and background story. These assets become the basis for your eMagPro Customized eMagazine Issue.

eMagPro eMagazine Customization

Step 3

eMagazine Customization

Our team transforms the eMag issue template into a customized version for your business. We incorporate graphics and images keeping with your brand colors and fonts. We blend in a primary call to action and subtle calls to action throughout.The eMagazine Cover is titled, subtitled and your cover photo added. You have the option to include a product page, services page and custom message.

Step 4

Customized eMagazine Editing

Our team will work with you through a structured editing process that takes the first draft through editing and into a final version in rapid succession.
eMagPro Customized eMagazine Editing

Step 5

Customized eMagazine Publication

Your final eMagazine Issue is published digitally. You’ll be provided with an editable source file and print ready edition.

Step 6

Customized Blog Post Article

You’ll receive the eMagazine Issue content in html blog post format with a cover image linked to your custom opt in page.
eMagPro Customized eMagazine Blog Post Article

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What Others Have To Say

“Eric’s expertise has been so helpful in segmenting my business to drive revenue from specific audiences. eMagPro's custom eMagazine content marketing funnels are a great way of doing this on autopilot. He and his team really care about my business success .”
Patti testimonial
Patti Starr
RA, LMT, SET Integrated Healing Arts
“Eric is one the most driven entrepreneurs I have ever known. He takes on every endeavor with zeal and tenacity. He has a keen sense of the online environment and has developed cutting edge strategies (eMagPro's custom eMagazine content marketing funnels are just one) to get the maximum bottom results from your products and services."
Dan Ogus
COO, Cornerstone Affiliates
“Eric is one of the best revenue generators I have the pleasure of knowing. He’s got a great technical and design team and a lot of resources that make success easy. I highly recommend him.”
Sean T Phillips
President, STP Consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

TheContent Marketing eMagPro Method is built upon customized templates rather than being custom designed for each professional or practitioner.

The customization process includes:

  • – a Cover Image
  • – Branding Colors
  • – Customer Provided Logo
  • – Contact Information
  • – Minor Content Edits

The Content Marketing eMagPro Method includes:

  • – Customized eMagazine (hosting included)
  • – eMagazine PDF version
  • – eMagazine Cover Image
  • – eMagazine Opt In Page (hosting included)
  • – eMagazine Thank You Offer Page (hosting included)
  • – eMagazine Social Posts
  • – DWY Offer Creation
  • – DFY Offer Implementation
  • – DFY Communication
  • – DFY Opt In Follow Up
  • – DFY Email List Building
  • – DFY SMS List Building
  • – Web-based Platform
  • – Optimized For Desktop
  • – Optimized For Mobile
  • – Real Time Reporting & Analytics
  • – New Client Campaigns
  • – Existing Client Campaigns
  • – Reactivation Campaigns
  • – Resell Campaigns
  • – Online Review Requests
  • – Review Management & Marketing
  • – Includes 1 eMag Funnel

The Content Marketing eMagPro Method includes: a Custom eMagazine, Customized Opt In Page, Customized Thank You Page, Email follow up, SMS follow up and Offer Creation: The Regular Price is $1997

The Content Marketing eMagPro Method is a month-to-month service, there’s no contract, cancel at any time. The Annual option is a 12 month contract, billed monthly.

To cancel send an email to 24 hrs prior to your monthly renewal date.

The eMagPro Content Marketing Funnel Method comes with a Risk Free 30 Day “I’m Happy or I Pay Nothing” Money Back Guarantee.

The eMagPro Content Marketing Funnel Method comes with a Risk Free 30 Day “I’m Happy or I Pay Nothing” Money Back Guarantee.

Changing the offer inside the eMagazine can be done at an additional charge.  

The eMagazine can be placed wherever you like. Most commonly eMagazines are placed:

  • – in waiting rooms (via QR Code access)
  • – On your website
  • – In email correspondence
  • – Linked to in SMS correspondence
  • – On Social Media

There are no refunds for Magnetic Profile Sites.

Payment is due prior to us building your Magnetic Profile Site. If you have any reservations please contact us by email or give us a call.

our eMagazines are customized templates that include minor edits, but not complete customization.

Your customized eMagazine Funnel will be available to you within 2 business days of your profile completion (that provides us with your preferred contact information, branding and offer).

Yes, we strongly suggest you do. We’ll be happy to provide social posts for you to promote your eMagazine on all of your social profiles.

To reach us with any questions about the Customer Monetization Method or any of our other services, you can call 866.723.2522 or reach us by email at

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eMagPro Customized eMagazine

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